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How to Enter Indonesia During Covid-19

Options available for foreigner who would like to enter Indonesia during the covid-19 pandemic.

Work Permits for Projects in Indonesia

All foreigners who work on projects in Indonesia require a work permit and a stay permit (ITAS). Projects bring extra complexity to the application of work permits and stay permits (ITAS)

Working in Remote Areas in Indonesia

In these remote areas expats usually face more scrutiny from local authorities. This happens because local Immigration and Manpower offices handle a low number of expats.

Covid-19 Indonesia: FAQ

The Indonesian immigration releases from time to time a list of frequently asked questions about foreign work permits and visas during the covid-19 crisis. In this article we will discuss the most relevant questions relating to these foreign permit and visa holders.

Living in Bali – Alternatives to ITAS

When foreigners decide to move to Bali to live and stay there for a longer term, they must decide which type of permit or visa they will use to stay there.

Work Permit Application: Difficulties Faced

Foreign workers and companies still face a variety of problems during the application of their work and stay permits.

criminal record check SKCK Indonesia
Criminal Record Check (SKCK) Procurement

The Indonesian Police can issue a criminal record check or SKCK to both Indonesian citizens and foreigners